Rain Rain go Away

I know we haven’t written for awhile, a lot of nothing has been going on. I think it has been cold and rainy for the last 3 weeks. We have had 2 three day weekends. It has been pouring the whole time. The week days come, more rain and gloom. How on earth do you get out of bed, motivate yourself for the gym and get moving when your only two options for travel are an umbrella or your bike. Both Adam and I can not wait for the sunshine so we can begin traveling around this country again, welcome spring to Korea and enjoy our last four months here. I imagine that the rain must come, thinking back to the old poem or saying April Showers bring May Flowers, just here in Korea it is approaching a bit earlier, like February and March.

I want spring to be here so we can pack up all the winter clothes and send them on a slow boat to American. I want spring to be here so we can go to the butterfly festival and strawberry festivals and all the other ones that this country holds. Adam and I both admit to the winter slumps and want some blazin sunshine. So, if it is shinning by you, please give it a little push to come our way.


  1. No problem. I just wish someone would have told me about the parcel surface mail service before I shipped a box home for 122,000 won for 13 kilograms via airmail from the post office.There is also a shipping service at Incheon Airport if your bags are really overweight. I paid 135,000 won at the airport for 10 kilograms and it was added as an additional piece of luggage on my ticket and came along on the same flight with me. Had I left the bags overweight, the additional fee would have been well over double that cost.Since then, I've bought a digital scale that has been very accurate when I weigh my bags and boxes on it. I think I bought it at a 1,000 won store for about 12,000 won.Also, you do have to pay for the boxes you pick up at the post office here. It isn't much, but I actually thought that they were free like back in the U.S. when you get a priority or express box to use.


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