the gym guru…..

As a part of our daily routine, Nicole and I do our best to make it to our local gym which is a really nice little place to workout. The members for the most art are older and uber-friendly which is quite a bit different from the LA Fitness hormonal-fashionista extravaganza meet-fest back home (yeah…i made that up just now). Anyway, we really do enjoy being there in the morning and part of the experience for me has been the exchange of fitness knowledge between some of the older gents and I. These dudes are as tough as I’ve seen with regard to Korean men…and strong as all hell. A few of the guys i see every morning have gotta be pushin 70 but they spend no less than an hour each day lifting weights, jumping rope, and smoothin out the rough spots with a stint on the rubber-band massage machines.

One guy that is there absolutely all the time is particularly hardcore and as of late has been kickin my behind so i thought it appropriate to shout him out on the bloggy. First off, he’s shoe-less all the time when he works out which obviously makes him a man in the truest sense of the word. Secondly, while he’s shorter than, i’m pretty confident that he can more than likely setup a Hyundai on the squat machine and still push it through the roof. Needless to say, i’m impressed. Now he’s not a monster of a dude but he’s obviously been around the gym for a good while and never misses an opportunity to come over to me and tweak my exercises from “i’m feelin it” to “wtf!!! dude!”(basically he shows me a way to make everything hurt the next day which seemingly means it works better) I guess the coolest part is similar to most other aspects of our life here in that i’ve formed a pretty cool relationship with some of the guys just based on our common interest and even though we don’t speak all that much, we understand one another perfectly.

Happy Friday all and thanks for readin 😉

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  1. Nice to hear you are enjoying your gym sessions. Gyms are always a good place to be with different people with different mindsets and attitudes. I guess coping and interacting with your gym-mates makes gym sessions a lot more fun. =)Mark Martinezyour creatine powder


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