Motel Lovin’……

Our trip to the Busan area was motivated initially by travel, but another facet of the trip that i was personally looking forward too was an experience in staying at a famed Korean “Love Motel” The idea behind these shady digs is that since most Korean children live with their parents until marriage, the love motel provides a bit of much needed privacy. I was enlightened to the love motel by a co-worker who actually showed me a website ( which although in Korean, i was able to navigate though my limited knowledge and peep a few of the amazing offerings that can be found for a relatively low price.

As you had read, most of our evening was spent downing tacos and Corona’s at FN Taco in the Haeundae area. While there, we popped open the netbook and grabbed the name of a local motel that had gotten some good reviews from travelers, “Sugar Motel”. I was sold immediately.

We asked the bartender if he’d heard of it and was surprised to see that the hotel was actually visible from just outside FN Taco. We bid a fairwell to the Navy dudes and stumbled about minutes up the road to the motel. The first thing you notice about these hotels is that the cars in the lot cannot be seen from the road as they are blocked at the entrances by a mass of hanging ropes that you have to drive through to park your car. Somewhat clever. Once inside the process was pretty easy. Through a small sqare in the was which obstructed any eye contact between guests and staff we were handed a list of room prices. Knowing that I wanted something funky, we opted for the VIP room which was 110K won which is roughly $97 bucks. We were given a key, some toothbrushes and a hair-tie but we’ll leave it at that.

The hallways low lit with hues of purple and orange giving off a rather interesting vibe but the place seemed pretty nice so far. once we reached out place on the 3rd floor we entered. The room was fantastic. We were greeted immediately by desktop computers with large flat screen monitors. Across the room was a funky Orange couch that gave a nice seating spot to watch the massive LCD that suspended from the ceiling and directly faced the bed. I will tell you that once we turned the TV on we were greeted by a lovely example of Korean porn which kinda topped off the whole thing. The bed had a rather tasteful and appropriate picture of a naked woman’s breast blown up which could be interpreted in several ways but either way, pretty cool. The rear of the room included a 2 person jacuzzi and separated shower with a rainfall oversized showerhead (and a chair in the shower ;)) There was even what I would call a makeup room between the main roon and the bathroom which has a pretty cool raised bowl marble sink and a mini fridge equipt with lotions. The lighting options in the room came in a variety to create just the right atmosphere which was fun to play with.

Definitely a more exciting experience than a stay at your local holiday inn and for the price, can’t beat it. Love Motel stay…check!

thanks again for readin,

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