White Day!

Yes, you heard right, today March 14th, is “White Day” in South Korea. But instead of just going into this one “special” day, let me enlighten you to each “special” day designated for couples each month…..

(thanks to the Gwangju News and writer Park Minji for the 411 I grabbed from their issue)

Here we go, from the top….

1. January 14th – Diary Day
At the beginning of the year, people usually make resolutions and buy a new diary for the New Year. In Korea, on January 14th, couples give their sweetheart a new diary for the year, wishing that he/she will have a nice and happy new year.

2. February 14th – Valentine’s Day
February 14th is the famous Valentine’s Day. It was first introduced to Korea from the West, but a few changes have been made. In the Korean version of Valentine’s Day, the people who prepare chocolate and cards are not the men, but the women. As Valentine’s Day approaches, girls get busy preparing special presents for their lovers. All the bakeries and stores sell chocolate as well and they sell like hot cakes during this period. Nowadays, girls even make special DIY chocolate to show their boyfriend how much they love them and how much effort they put into making a special present for them. In return, men prepare a romantic dinner for their sweetheart.

3. March 14th – White Day
Not familiar to White Day? This day is as famous as Valentine’s Day in Korea. On White Day, it is the men’s turn to prepare special presents for their sweethearts. Boys buy fancily decorated candies, cards and other presents for their girlfriend. Unlike Valentine’s Day, however, girls don’t necessarily have to prepare fancy dinner. This is usually taken care of by the boys once again.

4. April 14th – Black Day
Those days mentioned so far are special days only for couples. Then what about the people who are not couples? Black Day is for people who are lonely. People who spent Valentine’s Day and White Day gloomily, eat jajangmyeon (자장면 – noodles in black sauce) on this day alone. They eat jajangmyeon, hoping that they will find their love soon.

5. May 14th – Rose Day
On May 14th, lovers buy beautiful roses and give them to their sweetheart. There is no rule about who should present but most of the time it is men who prepare flowers.

6. June 14th – Kiss Day
On Kiss Day, kiss your sweetheart.

7. July 14th – Silver Day
You have to present something silver to your girl/boyfriend on this day. Some people call this day “Ring Day”, on which you give a ring to your lover. Some couples buy couple rings and put them on their fourth finger as a symbol of their love.

8. August 14th – Green Day & Music Day
Couples go to the mountains or forests to enjoy green scenery and fresh air and that is why it has been named “Green Day”. Some people say that it is Music Day when couples listen to their favorite songs together. It would be best to go to mountains and listen to music there, enjoying the beautiful landscape and relaxing together.

9. September 14th – Photo Day
Take a picture with your boy/girlfriend and share it with him/her.

10. October 14th – Wine Day
Enjoy nice wine with your sweetheart on Wine Day.

11. November 14th – Movie Day
On this day, you go to the movies with your girl/boyfriend.

12. December 14th – Hug Day
You give your sweetheart a big hug on the Hug Day.

13. November 11th – Pepero Day
On November 11th, boys and girls buy or make Pepero, a stick-shaped cookie covered with chocolate, and give to their lovers. Pepero Day was chosen as Nov. 11th (11-11) because the number eleven looks like two standing sticks. Although Pepero Day is not one of the “14th” days in Korea, it is an equally famous special day for couples in Korea.

….cute, maybe…..wierd, yup….Korean, all the way!!!

thanks for reading….see ya back home for hug day! 😉

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