i Heart me

Seeing a Korean woman without make-up on is pretty rare unless shes like 80 or 8. There is a very strong sense of vanity here and they don’t try to hide it one bit. The pic above we had to take on the sly of a woman that was out eating dinner. She literally sat with a fairly large mirror up to her face for a good 4 minutes or so evening out any possible imperfections that would obviously ruin the occasion. What you can’t see because my fat head was in the way are her 3 other friends who were all engaging in the same activity. This repeated itself about 3 times in the 45 minutes that we ate.
In school we see it all day…..between the mirrored cell phones and fold-able desktop mirrors, students as young as 11 can’t go 30 minutes without a few glances. Yes, this is a cell phone charm with a mirror on it.
To help perpetuate the fury of self-picture taking to check for runny mascara, Samsung now has a new “mirror” digital camera with a small lcd screen on the front so you’ll get a perfect shot…of your entirely too perfect face.
Its not just the woman…every public restroom I visit seems to be equipped with a few Korean men powdering up and i don’t mean just washing hands. I even saw two dudes doing each others hair the other day.

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