a new do

This weekend I decided I needed a change. After much debate I decided on Hair Tokyo as my place of attack. Being in Asia, with mostly black hair’d natives, how on earth do you trust anyone to add a little blonde to you? Well, at work I work with a few Foreign teachers who all swear hair tokyo can do the job. So, armed with a picture saved on the new ipod touch, I went in.

They got straight to work, three of them on my hair. At one point, I had to call a Korean for translation help, it seems they were concerned as to how the dye would work on my black dyed hair and my brown natural roots growing in. Seeing as though they didn’t strip the color out or tone the bleach after, I was a little nervous. But, after they blew dried my hair, I was a bit disappointed because there was really no change in my hair color, except right around my face…so once again, phone a Korean.

Between Giana (my phone a friend) and I, I asked, more please. So, two more hours later, I had more. I had three girls straightening my hair at once. I don’t think I have had hair this light since I was 21. While this was all taking place, the manager snapped a few photos for their website. They said nice color. So, I think it more meant, foreigner getting their hair done here…photo op!
Although in the picture it appears a bit orange, I love it, it looks fantastic. So, ladies in Gwangju, I highly recommend hair tokyo. (ignore the strange faces they are making, it is very common for no smile, cute face when a camera is in play)


  1. With a snip snip here and a comb comb there and a couple of tra-la-las. That's how it goes in the fun fun throes of Nicole in S Korea. xxoo The hair is Mahvelous, dahling, simply mahvolous! xxoo


  2. I got all my haircuts at Hair Tokyo in Bongseun dong. I had a good miming ritual with a girl there and always walked out feeling good because it wasn't the disaster it could have been!


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