virtually addicted…

Plucked from today’s headlines courtesy of is an article detailing Korea’s online obsession with some interesting perspective on the phenomena and why its become so out of control. Check it out for the full rundown. link

For us, we noticed the Korean’s love right away just by visiting a local PC bang and viewing first-hand the hoards of school kids funneling in at any small break from school to get their “Starcraft” or “SuddenAattack” fix to name just a few. The streets are literally lined with “PC Bangs” as they are called and with some being 24 hours, the addiction to internet gaming, chatting and just the basic escape to a virtual world is never hard to satisfy.
Students are constantly talking to me about an array of games that I “must” try. As it stated in the CNN article, Korean game developers are in the tens of thousands now and pumping out new titles all the time. It doesn’t surprise me that researchers are attributing this craze to a work obsessed society either. If I had to work 60 hour weeks or go to school 6-7 days a week i’d be looking for a release too, and they find it online.
It’ll be interesting to see how the government handles the epidemic and if they can unplug the most wired country in the world.
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