picture perfect us…..

Before we venture out in July on our trip we thought it best to pickup some extra passport photos for our Visa’s, International Drivers Licenses, etc. Fortunately, there is a place that specializes in such things near our gym, so a few weeks back we stopped in for a few quick pics.

Back home at Walgreens you stand in front of a whiteboard, wait 2 hours, then pickup your 4 thugged out looking passport shots that will depict you as the scum you are right on your passport for the next 12 years. Lovely. However, Koreans have found this to be unacceptable. Our passport photo experience felt more like a glamor shots session starting with the precision positioning of our heads, the perfect alignment of my jacket collar, and the centering of our jewelry just to start. Then, after Nicole’s shoot we took our seats in front of the image editing station where our photographer pointed out on screen the obvious flaws in our appearances that could only be repaired with technology, more specifically, photoshop. So, after a few adjustments to Nicole’s already perfect face 😉 she was done and then it was my turn. I figured once she pulled up the photo she would be stunned to discover that for the first time in her career there was nothing she could possibly do to enhance her subjects looks…but alas, I was very mistaken. First, the hair was not even and so a piece was cloned and moved to another side of my head to ensure symmetry, then my nose bone was straightened out which even I can admit was quite a nice touch. Finally, the potato skins under my eyes which were obviously revolting were erased with a few clicks. Basically, what I was looking at now was me was me on the best day of my life that never happened.
I think because they know that this will be the best image of you ever, the shop is nice enough to leave you with free keychains that remind you of how perfect you could be if, but aren’t.
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  1. I hate photoshop! When we got our yearbook photos back, they had changed my nose, my eyes and my chin… I really looked Korean in the photo. I wasn't sure If I should be offended because they don't like my natural face, or happy because they obviously wanted me to fit into the "school family."


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