Nice Surprise

Today we had our second sports day in Korea…blog to come soon.
We were cold, tired and wet after a long day and decided to stop by Kenya Coffee for some hot cocoa. While we were there we were checking our email from the ipod and had one from the man who will be performing our ceremony in Thailand. He was sending us the vows and ceremony so we could read through it and send back any questions or changes. The words were so perfect and it was such a surreal moment to be reading them…I teared up immediately and had Ad read them to himself. Just after this happened an old friend from work who is no longer there, Edie, walked into the restaurant and came over to talk with us. She wanted to know about our wedding plans and how things were going. She said she remembered all of the christmas cookies we made and how much she loved them. She wished us well and then went over to talk with her friends.

We stayed at Kenya for awhile and the next thing we know Edie comes over out of breath, she had run to Paris Baguette (a fantastic bakery) and bought us a cake for us to celebrate. It was such a sweet gesture and of course I teared up again…gosh I am an emotional basket case. She had hand written a card, it said

To: nicole
Hey, I’m really glad to meet you and your boyfriend (sorry, I forgot his name yy)
And, Congratulation on your wedding! I’m sure that I’ll be perfect! good luck!! and Take Care!
PS I always miss your cookies!!

What an absolutely sweet and thoughtful thing to do.
So, Ad and I just poured ourselves some red wine, put the candles in the cake (they always come with them) and intend to enjoy a few great pieces of scrumptious Korean cake (there is no other cake like it, so delicious!)


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