2010 Photonics Expo!

As you may or may not know, our city, Gwangju, broken down into its true meaning is “The City of Light”. “Gwang” meaning light and “Ju”, defined as city. So, hosting an expo dedicated to the continued advancement of light based technologies for a cleaner and brighter tomorrow only seemed fitting. What was not fitting was the robots on the advertisements which led me to believe that this was also a robotics fest for some reason which unfortunately it was not. I suppose the photonics part should have tipped me off no? Alas, we enjoyed the day filled with uber funky light art displays, high tech futuristic light technology demos, hot dogs and a 3D movie that just might never win an award for anything 😉 The location, Citizen’s Park in Sangmu and the perfect weather made it a great way to spend the weekend. Those looking to go can check it out until May 9th for 12K won per ticket. Here are some shots from the day. Enjoy and thanks for reading!


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