Cherry Blossom Time

Yesterday we headed out to Jinhae to see the biggest display of Cherry Blossom trees in Korea. We left the house at 9:45, hopped in a taxi and half way to the bus station realized that we left the camera battery at home. So, after a bit of sign language we got the cabbie to turn around.
By the time that we got to the bus station we had missed the bus. So, we waited until 11:30 and got a 3 1/2 hour bus ride to Changwon. An nice ajumma sitting behind us told us to get off the bus, in Korean, and she walked us over to some local bus stop and put us on another bus to Jinhae. We got there by 3:30. There were tents and tents of food and traditional Korean festival goodies that we see every time.

Then, we climbed up a ton of stairs to the top of a mountain and then up 8 more flights of stairs to the top of a view tower. We saw so many trees…they were beautiful, but just like all the festivals, there were so many people.

We spent a few hours walking around the town and watching the Korean Belly-Dancers, then jumped on a bus back. It was a beautiful day and I am so happy we went. Because it is near the end of the season, the blossoms began coming off of the trees and each petal was a bit like snow. It was such a great thing to see. There were a ton of other foreigners there which was really nice to see that everyone was enjoying the city and sights.

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