Drive it like you stole it Jack!

Thats cuz he did! Yes, we have a minor obsession with the television drama “24” so when the lead character Jack Bauer stole a nearby vehicle to chase down the terrorists in NYC we were fairly excited he picked a Hyundai Genesis coupe. It is sorta comical though when you see the blatent use of product placement in television. The slow pan across the body of the car…. the random badge and dash shots all give a nice overview of the car as the scene unfolds, not to mention the enhanced throttle audio to really drive home that “holt $h*T! Jack is a god and I need to have that car!!”..moment. Anyway, its a pretty good strategy and since the debut of the Genesis Sedan in an episode of 24 last season, it looks like the marketing guru’s at Hyundai are makin the most of their advertising dollars in the states…

even this kid knows whats up… ๐Ÿ˜‰


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