The Haevichi Social Contribution Culture Foundation

Adam nor I have written much about the sunken naval shop from a few weeks ago because we are unsure of the sensorship and honestly a little scared to rock the boat and publish our feelings on such a sensitive topic. I am sure regardless of where you live you have heard about the naval ship that broke in half off the coast of south/north korea and the uncertanty of what happened along with the poor sailors who lost their lives.
Aboard the Cheonan, 46 sailors died when the ship experienced some sort of trouble and broke apart in the water. Due to the poor weather it took rescue crews quite a few days to locate the wreckage.
I read an article today in the Korea Times newspaper saying that the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group has a foundation set up and will use some of its money to help the families of the victims. They are providing the families with:

Eligible children will get 600,000 won every year when they enter elementary school, 800,000 won during middle school and 1.2 million won for high-school students. College students will receive 4 million won per year. They will also receive tickets to cultural performances twice a year.

I think this is a heartfelt gesture and wonderful thing to do. I am curious about the widow’s and parents of these men and what they receive. The birth rate as you may know is very low in Korea and I assume many of these men were too young to have families and many of them probably were not even married yet.

Anyway, I hope that they come to a conclusion internationally as to what happened as soon as possible to put the families of these men and country at ease.

Our thoughts are with the families and of course with the Koreans whom we so respect each day.

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