Sittin’ On Top of Korea…Again.

Been a few months since our hike up Mudeung mountain with Brandon which ended in frostbitten faces and fingers so we gave her another crack with the weather turning in our favor this past weekend

It was an absolutely perfect day for a climb and as always, the views from atop the stoic mountain (3,894 ft or 1,187m)) that overlooks the city did not disappoint. Everything is starting to once again come alive and the splashes of cherry blossom still lingering about made the scene even more breathtaking.

The hike up and down clocked us in at a rather hefty 8 hours but we thoroughly enjoyed the day and got a heck of a butt workout in the process which is obviously the driving force behind anything we do 😉 I think a key ingredient that helped us along this time as opposed to our first climb was our preparation. Armed with fruit, almonds, hardboiled eggs and boiled sweet potatoes we had the fuel to keep us going strong the whole way. If you recall, last time it was only by the charity of the lovely Koreans who donated some grub to us on our way up that we finally made it.

Never gets old seeing the locals do their thing on the mountain either. The climbing garb they wear is so hardcore youd think they were about to conquer Everest but as in most other things here, its go hard or go home and if your gonna fail.look damn good and funky doin it!….amen.

thanks for readin….


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