Mail order bride

I’m not really sure where to even start with this blog, but I found an article in the Chosun Ilbo about how Cambodia is temporarily banning women marrying Korean men due to wife trafficking. It basically says that Koreans account for 60% of the international Cambodian marriages.

So, I was curious and googled mail order brides and found this one website among many pages of them and look, you can get a bride from many countries, not just Cambodia.

Just to make things more interesting I looked it up on wikipedia. Mail order brides dates back to the 18th century. It says that today it is so popular because men need a woman for “companionship and to fill the domestic role.” The benefits stated for the women have to do with a better life and the ability to support their families back home and possibly an education, health care and opportunities that they may not have had before.

Men like it they say because most have been married once before and want children. It also says that “they generally want women who do not want to work outside the home and deviate from their husbands rules.

As for Koreans, South Korean men usually marry Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai women. The Korea Times says that currently there are 6,191 Filipina women who are married to Koreans. Most of them met their wives after contacting a mail-order agency and attent “show-ups” or blind dates. The Korean man picks a woman from the group and in a matter of days marries her. They say that Filipina women won’t run away, are docile and obedient and and are familiar with the patriarchal culture. It also says though that the language and cultural differences become an issue because the women are regarded as commodities bought for a price.

It’s an interesting business that I am sure some marriages end in happiness…

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