The Power of the Heart

We hope Jeff, Adam’s Dad, doesn’t mind us sharing this with you, but today he sent us this email. It is incredibly touching, caring and truly a reflection of the support and encouragement that we have received during the last year through all of the decisions we have made, no matter how ridiculous they may have seemed.

In case you didn’t know…and maybe you don’t since I have not said it lately…I celebrate you both everyday.

I often tell associates, friends, family of your journey together and the journeys that await you. And I always feel so energized afterwards…because I’m so proud of you both…and the life you are living at this very moment.

And it’s the moment that makes it all work. You have embraced this time…this moment…and opened your eyes, your arms…and most of all your heart to each other and the world. Now you will see the world in this moment like no other time in your life because your hearts are so open. There is power in that…amazing power and revelations that will make you more than you could have ever been had you not taken that first step on this journey together.

The evolution of your dedication to each other has been nothing short of amazing to witness. When soul mates find each other it’s both a miracle and magical. But it’s the magic of it all that makes it so wonderful.

Life is a tapestry of choices…and the colors of your choices are creating a life tapestry that is vibrant and beautiful. And there are so many more colors to choose.

There is a song that I’ve attached for you both….”The Power of the Heart”. When I heard it a few weeks ago it stayed with me…it spoke to me about you…my son and his soul mate, Nicole. Of course, Peter Gabriel is an acquired taste in music…but somehow this particular song so beautifully framed you both in my minds eye.

As the lyrics go in part… “I flew around the world to bring you back…The Power of the Heart”.

You have already found your home…in each other.
And that truly is the power of the heart.

I love you both so much…


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