Cafe Olive

For those of you who live in Gwangju and head Downtown often, you may have heard of the lemon table which serves some of the smallest, but best tasting burgers in town. Right next door, is Cafe Olive. It is extremely charming and has outside covered dining on their second floor.

When you enter, the atmosphere is incredibly inviting. You can sit by the window and people watch in the corner park, or you can sit more towards the center of the cafe among the adorable decorations.

For a meal, you can order a set (for 2-3 people) which includes two sodas, a pasta, a pizza, a salad and a dessert…all for just 25,000W (I believe) The pizza crust is made with almost like a biscuit dough and SO GOOD!

If you don’t know where the restaurant is…get off at the Shenae YMCA…face the YMCA and turn right…head straight down the main road, do not turn into the downtown shopping. At the next major intersection there is a nice park with an ampitheatre…turn left just before it and Cafe Olive is on the left.

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