now what…..?

At this very moment I am sitting at a coffee shop thrashing through forums and blogs pertaining to life in Europe. Why? you ask….well, even if you didn’t ask….its time we talked. Today marks the beginning of our last full month in Korea and being the “go getters” we are, Nicole and I have begun the process of researching our next adventure/opportunity beginning early 2011 after completing a few menial life changing events 🙂 Our focal point has shifted to Europe for this go around. The life in Asia is pretty fantastic but theres some sorta gravitational pull towards Europe that we’ve decided to give into.

There are quite a few options but as of late, our focus has been Germany, Spain, Czech, Croatia, Romania, and a few others. So yes, narrowed it down we have not, but damn is it exciting! Its like I’m taking a mini geography class all over again combing over maps and reading up on more cities than I can even remember at this point.

Teaching in Europe will be our initial approach and with some American International schools scattered about the countries. Nicole’s teaching creds blow mine outta the water so I’ve expanded my scope to fit some other options into the possible employment category. Our challenge in Europe will be that landing a job in Europe is a stark contrast from South Korea in many ways. Lots of red tape to cut through with work visas, residency and of course living expense. Our lavish South Korean life will have to take a sabbatical in Europe but that’s perfectly alright with us.

Anyways, just an update from mission control. If any of our beloved readers have any insight on working and living in Europe, feel free to share, we’d appreciate it greatly.

Thanks for readin,,

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