devils, tigers and burgers…

Weekend review time and with the goings on Friday night, it was a slow-go for Nicole and I to struggle outta bed Saturday. The soju hangover kinda like a perma-haze that lasts for about a day if you happen to be uber lightweights like have no doubt become….or at least I have..
.I think Nicole has always been a pansy with the booze.

I digress….so this weekend was still notable with the World Cup soccer game featuring our current home team, South Korea going toe-to-toe with Greece. The build-up has been pretty intense especially for us yanks who are not used to seeing people get all excited for soccer games of any kind but we felt that it was appropriate to celebrate with the locals and support the cause.

After some shabu-shabu we met some friends at Miller which was jammed with red shirt, devil horn wearing, soju drinking soccer hooligans….and us. I did actually wear my red shirt and in true form, Nicole wore a blue one to inadvertently support Greece but she has boobs, so the Koreans got over it.

The game was a success for SoKo who came out victorious in a 2-0 win. The vibe surrounding a soccer game is definitely intense and I think it has something to do with the intensity that the players play with and the suspense that comes from any random shot on goal.

Sunday after a relaxing morning we finally decided to make it out to a Kia Tigers game as it happened to be the last one we could see before we leave. Sundays game pitted the Tigers against the LG Twins at our home field, Moodeung Stadium. Now the stadium only holds just over 15,000 and as one of the oldest fields in the league, its not the most impressive venue but the atmosphere in true Korean sport fashion, kept the energy pulsing through the crowd from start to finish.

We did have a bit of a sideshow keeping us entertained though for a good 5 innings in the form of a feisty 5 or 6 year old little boy that fell in love with Nicole in a matter of minutes. The pictures only capture snippets of the romantic encounter but it was great for Nicole who enjoyed the attention and misses her nephews.

Kia came away with a 9-5 win and with a few homeruns and well played innings it was a great game to be at despite a few wet innings….but then again, who doesn’t love the smell of a good poncho.

Off we headed to Kraze Burgers to finish the evening with some brew and BBQ…like a typical american. For a little over 8 dollars a piece (much more than eating Korean food) we had mega burgers and it almost felt like home.

Then, we went for a stroll, found some funky lights and I proposed to Nicole….great weekend had by all!

Thanks for reading,


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