Sex and the City

For the last 5 months or so, I have been working weekly with my Korean friends (co-teachers) on improving their English and teaching strategies. Sometimes we meet at a coffee shop or the school and talk shop…practice speaking, but today we went to see a movie. I only have one more class left with them, so we decided to see Sex and the City 2 and we will talk about it next week. We met at the movie theatre this morning at 10 and bought our tickets (our boss gave us the OK to be a bit late in today) They got popcorn, I got coffee and in we went. At first, I had to crack a few jokes and yell…speak English we are in class!! But then, when the movie started they got most of the jokes that I did, which was impressive because usually the dirty humor goes over their heads or isn’t translated.

I had a blast and immediately they wanted to talk to me about Gay, Marriage, Sex, Alcohol, New York, being Rich etc…and Jimmy made it clear that he will not allow his girlfriend to see the movie…i was like…cultural issue!..

I will let you know what happens when we meet next week!

Clockwise Left to Right…
Jimmy, Rebekah, Giana, Ethie, Sophia, Chris, Jessica and Sunny.



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