Gwangju Getaway…..

This past weekend was our last solo weekend in the city of Gwangju as my broski and pops will be in town on friday for the farewell tour. As such, Nicole setup a surprise last minute night at the cities only 5 star hotel, the Ramada in Sangmu. We had actually had our Christmas party at the same spot in December. After a relaxing Saturday mornin (with the exception of the p90x workout)…Nicole simply said, “pack a shirt and your toothbrush” and off we went.

Whats nice about doing a weekend close to home is the travel time to your destination. In our case, about a 12 minute cab ride got us to the Ramada.

Nicole doesn’t mess around with hotel rooms and so when we arrived at our 11th floor room and discovered that she booked a residential suite, I was not at all surprised. All the amenities we would need for a relaxing night away but most important, the massive pillows which for Nicole is a deal breaker everytime.

After a few minutes we ventured out into the Sangmu area which if you recall from our blog about my towel proposal, was the local we visited last Sunday. The city is a hub for business travelers coming to conventions at the Kim Daejon Convention Center down the road. The area is littered with tons of hotels, restaurants, bars and a few clubs.

To get out of the heat we did lunch at Gaiden Sushi which was a Japanese style conveyor belt sushi joint. Naturally, after our meal and knowing how many pillows awaited us back at the hotel, we made our way back to the hotel for a power nap. After a massive 3 hour power nap we chilled with some big screen tv watchin which included a pretty cool show for those of you interested, “The Colony” on Discovery.

Our dinner plans led us to the Outback Steakhouse next door for some steak as we were all about the pampering this trip. Quite full, we walked it off by cruisin around the very brightly lit downtown Sangmu area for a bit. Its a much different feel than our dong with all the big buildings and flashing neons in every direction.

We capped off the night watching Ghana and Australia’s World Cup match and then passed out.

All in all, a very relaxed and recharging weekend before the world tour starting in less than 2 weeks.

Thanks for readin,


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