special people

We haven’t blogged this week because we have been so busy preparing for our departure from Korea…which is quickly approaching.
This young man may look familiar to you…his name is Do Heung and a few months ago we went to his black belt testing. He and his family have become very special to me in my time here in Korea. He and his family have been through a lot this year and I have befriended his family and just tried to bring some happiness in their life.
Today I had to say goodbye. It is not forever, I told him about Skype and how he is always welcome to visit us wherever we are. He is 14 and so tall and has such a beautiful spirit. I wanted to share with you what his father wrote to me…if nothing more than to share the wisdom and advice he has given me.

To Nicole; Having to say goodbye to someone is always so much unwilling and sad, especially in case of being carved deeply in one’s mind through time. Being a foreigner, I feel, you are one of a few true friends of mine that I’ve ever met. I and my family will miss you when and wherever you are! And, upon my experience, man and wife could be a reciprocal refuge where one could take a rest and gain the sympathy. So, always love each other and be happy with Adam until the last moment that God permits both of you to breathe! Warmest Regards, 

I truly hope he doesn’t mind me sharing this with you. But, I believe that his advice is worthy for all to read. Also, this family has been such an important part of my experience here in Korea…
I will miss all of you so much, and I hope to see you again. Love, Nicole

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