Green Tea and World Cup Shouting

Yesterday was day two of Shawn and Daddio’s stay here with us. After all of us waking up and trying to recover from night one we had some breakfast and took the bus downtown. There we walked the streets, looked at the people and things of Gwangju. Adam and Daddio spent a few minutes at Dunkin Donuts working on trying to order some ice coffee..see the video, it is quite funny.
dunkin donuts from Nicole Appel on Vimeo.

Then, we roamed the streets, saw the painted dogs and women in heels. The boys got their faces on animal key chains and then we went to the Korean style photobooth.

Then we headed to Mr. Pizza so the boys could experience pizza in Korea. After shopping we roamed around the city and went to a tradition tea shop and picked up some deh-ha-ming-gook tshirts and devil horns for the soccer game.

The boys and I went to Emart to pick up a few groceries and then hauled a cab to the world cup. Last night Korea made it to the top 16 and was playing against Uruguay. The world cup stadium here was filled to capacity with nearly 42,000 people.

We were decked out in gear and watched the game on the jumbo trawn. South Korea held possession most of the game and truly played incredibly. The just couldn’t seem to execute their goals.

The one goal they did score you can see on video below and how the crowd here in Gwangju erupted in celebration. It was great to be a part of it!
Fighting! from Nicole Appel on Vimeo.


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