lovely people

These are wonderful people who live in our “dong” who have made Bongsun-dong our home this year. We made them a card with Korean translation to tell them just how special they are to us.
저희는 이제 미국으로 곧 돌아갑니다. 저희가 한국에 있는 동안 좋은 경험을 하게 도와주셔셔 감사합니다. 지난 1년은 저희에게 좋은 해였고 그리고 좋은 사람들을 만날 수 있어서 큰 행운이었습니다. 저희가 한국에 있었던 1년은 저희가 저희나라에 돌아가도 평생도록 기억에 남을 것입니다.

지난 1년 동안 저희에게 베푼 은혜에 감사드립니다.
니콜 & 아담

This is Adam’s barber.
This is the security man at the post office, also the only man in the city, including police officers that we have seen hold a gun.
This is the sweet man who watches our bikes when we are at the gym and who sells us potatoes and onions
These are the bakers at Paris Bagette.
These are the sweet florists…husband and wife who we love.
My friend the dry cleaner
And of course the Imsil Pizza woman
We will miss you all!!!

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