….and we are in Bangkok, Thailand!

Well, we made it. Our first official country on our trip and with that some brief thoughts while the wifi is strong and my memory is operational.

Our first day was pretty great and the Thai’s are pretty cool and very smiley…sometimes you have to smile first thought or you might mistake their stares as a voodoo curse of death. Actually in all seriousness, the greetings from the Thai’s are awesome.Here’s a blurb I swiped that explains it pretty well;

The world-famous ‘Wai’ When-ever a Thai addresses you or you come into their visual presence it’s a hundred-to-one that they will put their hands together in a prayer-ful manner and smiling acknowledge you with their world-famous salutation. Is an across-the-board salutation used absolutely everywhere you go in Thailand so believe us when we say that the surest way to any Thai’s heart is to show this same kind of respect for their beloved Buddhism which governs their everyday lives.

We had a nice flight on colorful Thai Air (they had purple, yellow and blue seats coupled with blue and pink mood lighting inside the plane). They also had this…..yup, its a video of the TV in my seat that displayed an onboard camera firmly fastened to the nose of the plane so easily amused folk like myself could be tickled at the sight of our plane hitting the runway. Check it.
approaching Bangkok, Thailand…. from Nicole Appel on Vimeo.

Alright well, I liked it. Anyway, after our flight touched down we hopped a bus to our hotel as the thought of being swindled by a cabby for 3 times the fare sounded less enticing at the moment. The good part, we got to the hotel. The bad part, it was the wrong one. No biggy, we grabbed a metered cabby and for less than $2, we made it to the FuramaXclusive in Sathorn, Bangkok. Whats nice is that this hotel gives free fruity drinks at check-ins so we scored twice as the first hotel actually gave us the drinks before they realized we were retards, and then we got them again at the right place! I know, but free stuff is always better on a budget.

We did have to wait an unearthly 10 minutes for our room but we were kindly rewarded with an upgrade to a premium suite on a higher floor with a better view! Its times like that when I usually feel bad and say that its not a big deal but I could see Nicole’s knuckles whitening with a clear shot at my gonads if I did, so I smiled and said f*ck yeah!….no I didn’t….but I did when I heard we got free breakfast and booze during happy hour everyday. That warranted a bad word. The best part is the $32 pricetag which is actually over budget for us but in the first week we’re laxin off on that to get our heads on straight before we climb into the hostel dorm life of a backpacker.Here’s a shot from our balcony and the one shot I took inside.

We wondered about the town for a bit, had some eats (Pad Thai of course) and then caught a swim before callin it a night. Lots of legwork to be done tomorrow so we’ll have more and better pics I promise ๐Ÿ™‚

khwap khun (thank you in Thai) for reading!


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