Finishing our days in Korea we decided to visit Incheon..the new city..the city of the future. We stayed at the Ramada Songdo which was a bit far from the subway station and had an $18.00 dinner, but enjoyed the view of the city.

We went out to explore and ended up in China town, which was basically a street of chinese goodies and restaurants. Up some flights of stairs was a beautiful statue dedicated to the ties of South Korea and the USA dating back to the 1880’s … not just military ties, but trade, partnership and unity as well.

Up a few more flights of stairs was a magificent park over looking Incheon port dedicated to General Douglas MacArthur who led and aided in the turning point of the Korean War. Here, the Korean’s are full of respect and admiration for all that MacArthur did for their country. The park was filled with older men and women just relaxing and spending their day with their friends high above the city.
Just outside of Incheon station, we boarded the city bus tour for a trek around the city. It drove us around and through the port, which was very exciting for Adam to see all of the cars being lined up and loaded into shipping crates.
We exited the bus at tomorrow  city, which is basically Incheon City..which honestly looks like a movie set. The buildings were mostly frames, the streets perfectly clean and lined with trees…the City of tomorrow, when complete…will look exactly like a 3-D imagry city CGI (Did I use the right letters?) video game come to life.
Each building was incredibly unique some angled, all with interesting glass decor…we did get the opportunity to watch a brief five minute 5-D animated movie on the history of Incheon which was quite entertaining.

I do believe that the city of Incheon will be a great one for business and capital in the future…it is the host of the 2014 Asian Games…so I am sure by then, it will be complete, populated and quite a site.


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