Mexican, Maseratti and Movies at the Siam Paragon….

After 3 days of tooling around the city and sweatin buckets, Nicole and I took an opportunity Wednesday to take a break in the shade and give our knees some much needed rest by spending the afternoon at the Siam Paragon shopping mall. Yes, I know, a mall but we initially decided to go in hopes of catching Toy Story 3 but the fact that there was a Mexican joint there and a few supercars was a complete coincidence, seriously.

The Siam Paragon was in fact nothing like the rest of what we had seen in Thailand. It was a mega uber-fancy mall on steriods with massive walkways, high-end shops and yes, supercar stores. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought that Nicole slipped some acid in my coffee again when we had stubled upon the Lotus store which was across from the Lambo store that butted up against Porsche and Maseratti. It was real though and for that, I was happy to be in a Mall.

I should step back though to what came first which was less impressive but equally important. I’m talkin about the mass amount of Mexican food Nicole and I put down to up our calorie intake as i felt it was lacking the past few days. I guess it was mostly me, but the 3 pound burrito we conquered lasted us pretty much the whole day and for 2 people who lived a year without sour cream and guacamole, it was worth every stomach cramp and gas pain that followed. Sorry, but it was.

After strollin off our lunch we saw a fashion show and then stopped by the movie theater to catch a flick. Our Toy Story 3 dreams were shot as the movie has not been released here yet so we opted to watch the A-Team instead which was pretty awesome by my standards which bases movie goodness on explosions and stunts.


After the movie we peeped the outside market for a few before hoppin the skytrain back home. Even saw a some dude gettin his feet chwed by lil fish.
Today its off to Koh Samui 1 day before the wedding. It’ll be nice to be away from the city and near the water for a bit. Pics’o plenty I promise. Till next time amigo’s!

thanks for reading,


breakfast – free
train tickets – 120
movie tickets – 340
lunch – 805 (WOW)
dinner – free (left overs)
hotel 880
total = 2145 baht = $69.00

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