Mr. and Mrs. Damiano

A little over a day ago, we had our wedding. Im not sure how other brides have felt, but my emotions were on full blast. We spent the day by the pool, Adam went kayaking and then we got ready for the ceremony.

Getting ready doesn’t take nearly as long as you think it will…and by 4:00 we were both ready, minus my dress (I wanted it to be a surprise). Adam left the room, and I got dressed (with Maria, our wedding planner’s help)
The next thing I knew a photographer was in the room and then Thai Dancers and drums were escorting me down the 8 flights of stairs to the rocks below the hotel. Around the 5th flight I stated to get shaky and the drums were pounding and I could see Ad standing there…I started to cry. I couldn’t help it…forget the makeup, just jaw trembling, tears dripping sort of tears…totally out of happiness and I can’t believe this is happening and it is so beautiful and perfect feeling.

We were married by Johnny (a scot) and Ad and I stared at each other and squeezed each others hands so tight to keep from crying. We made it through the ceremony, except mostly I just remember the sound of the breeze and the odd greenness in Ad’s eyes, I couldn’t seem to focus myself on much else.

The next thing I knew the ceremony was over, we were kissing and couldn’t let go of each other. I never realized how much emotion can be shared between people, I think it is somewhat like what people experience when babies are born or someone is saved from something awful, or two people get married.
We took more photos, were sweating from the heat, cleaned up and then spent the evening on the rocks with wine, lobster, crab and cake. It was more than a dream. It was like nothing I could have ever imagined, just the two of us, sharing this moment.

There are tons of photos on the sidebar for you to see, if you want to sift through 500 of them…including many with tears…but they are all beautiful.
And now, off to 4 months of travel and honeymoon lovin!


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