Surin Beach, Thailand

Unfortunately, our time in Koh Samui had to come to an end and so it did on Saturday which brings us to our mini adventure to Surin Beach near Phuket. Now, The area of Thailand we were in is what I considered the skinny part and in my warped feeble mind, the trip to the other coast should take about 20 minutes in a tuk-tuk, but as it happens quite frequently, I was mistaken 😉 the trip to Surin would encompass a flurry of motorcades beginning with a bumpy and slightly frightening ferry ride into the center of a storm that had Nicole wearing  snorkel  gear most of the time just incase we went for in impromptu swim.

We did make it to shore and then after a quick stint in a double decker bus we hopped in this bad boy for a damp ride through some gangster spots before finally boarding our final van that would be our home for a 4 hour ride through southwestern Thailand.

After our breakneck speed jaunt in the van we arrived to our hotel, the Capri Surin which is just a few steps from the beach. Owned by an Italian dude who had enough of the Euro work life, the place was cheap and cozy with the added benefit of an authentic Italian restaurant on the ground level .

The next day we beached it up and strolled through the city in search of a night market that didn’t exist before grabbing a pizza at our hotel restaurant and shootin the breeze with our Italian host.


The nice thing about Surin was that it was not jammed with people, nor was it as loud and hectic as Phuket which is what we are more likely to see on our next leg in Hanoi, Vietnam. Stay tuned and thanks for reading because without you, I’m talkin to myself.


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