P90X travelstyle….

For about the past 2 and a half months Nicole and I ditched the gym routine and started the P90x program at home since we thought it would be a more feasible form of gettin our workouts in on the road and luggin around 200 lbs of dumbbells seemed somewhat unlikely.

Its been a months and i’m proud to say that we’ve done the program in 3 countries and 9 cities total allready! The only purchase really necessary at least for me was the resistance bands that I picked up for $100. The Bodylastics set which is durable and fairly portable was the best I found available for use with this routine. Our netbook is also handy for playing the video but we’ve got it on the ipod too which works just as well.

With only a few square feet of room and a solid hour , we’ve been able to use the available space, a chair and the large water bottles usually in the mini-bars as additional weights.Granted, a little creativity might be useful given the limits of your rooms, but it makes it sorta fun and that much more satisfying once you’ve finished a workout and feel all amped up to explore.

I think a big part of a successful trip is staying strong and healthy and with this setup, I think anyone can keep up with their own fitness goals and travel anywhere without sacrifice!

More from Hoi An soon, thanks for reading!!!




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