traveling Dr. Quinn, Ad and I have been a bit under the weather the last few days, just achy heads and stomachs and stuff noses, sore throats. We knew we couldn’t wait very long before we needed to see a Dr. So, after we checked into our great hotel in Hoi An we asked the desk about going to see the Dr. Turns out, Hoi An has a traveling dr. just like Dr. Quinn.

He met us in our room at 4:00 and when we answered the door, announced, “Hello, I am the doctor” we had a nice chuckle and he examined us, $40 later we had antibiotics and spasm pills, asprin and great goodness to help us on the road to recovery.

We did not have the money with us, so the Dr. was going to come back in a few hours to collect. I fell fast asleep and Ad went in search on an ATM, on the way he was asked if he wanted to purchase some marijuana (the third time this has happened) he declined of course, and later when the door bell rang to our hotel room, once again, “hello, I am the Doctor, I have come for money” we paid him, took our pills and went to sleep.

Today we feel a bit better, definitely if you are sick when travelling get it checked out. Dang fever is very popular in Vietnam, so keep yourselves healthy, drink your OJ and see a doctor if you feel ill.


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