the beauty of Mui Ne

We picked up a bus in Saigon for $4 a person from the Phuong Trang bus company. We climbed aboard at 4:30 pm..stuffed in the back with a bunch of locals and hit the road. At just after 10:30 pm we arrived at our hotel (door to door service) we snatched a bungalow at the Thai Hoa for $35 a night which had a bit of a stench but was right on the beach with a beautiful garden and pool.

We spent the next day lying on the beach then the pool, having a few beers, then the pool and the beach, dinner the beach and the pool. It was a perfect day of relaxing. It was an interesting site, first thing in the morning when all the local dogs, and cows went for strolls on the beach without anyone walking them…just a casual family walk that they seemed to do every morning.

Then in the afternoon all of the kite surfers came out to do their thing, the wind had picked up and Mui Ne is well known for this sport.
The next morning started out just about the same and around 1:30 pm our friends Marielle and Marieke showed up. We had dinner together and lounged some more.

We spent our third day in style. The four of us rented motorbikes and headed out for some fun! We went to the white sand dunes and drove along the coast, stopping for a swim in a deserted beach far from the city.

Then, we went to the famous red sand dunes, paid some kids some money and slid down them on plastic. The sand dunes reminded us of the sahara desert. They stretched on forever and where exhausting to climb up. The kids were adorable little sales men who took great pictures and video of our time with them.

We then headed back into town to find the Ferry Stream which we had misread and thought it was a spring. We walked and walked down the stream waiting for the spring only to be haggled by more young tour guides so we gave up and went back to the pool at our place.

Our evening ended with dinner and a sleep over since the hotel was overbooked and didn’t have a room for the girls. So, the four of us piled in for some fun (Adam was also out of clean clothes and ended up sleeping in my silk pj shorts…which supplied some great jokes from the three of us and even more fun to share with you)
At dinner though, we had a very interesting moment…while we were eating dinner at the restaurant, a big Vietnamese family was celebrating the grandpa’s birthday. They invited us over for a beer and we all shook hands and laughed through the language barrier. I was kind of dreading the question I knew was coming when finally the older man said, “where are you from.” The two from Holland spoke up and then I said America. I immediately saw one person look to the other then to another and so on. It was so awkward and I almost felt a bit ashamed to say it. But, the moment lasted no more than a long 15 seconds. The old man shook our hands again, toasted and we all began to sing.
On our last day in Mui Ne it poured, all day. For me, it was perfect, I sat on our front porch and read all day. Ad was a little restless went for a run on the beach, but he too even read a bit…I know I know shocking (He is really into a James Patterson book and may even finish it before we head home)
We all went for dinner to a restaurant in town. We had tuna steaks and grouper and 2 bottles of wine, all of a total of $32 it was the perfect ending to our time in Mui Ne.

Check out the beautiful sights in the pics and videos.

This morning, we woke super early, packed up, ate a quick breakfast and headed out on a 5 hour ride…bumpy ride..extremely bumpy ride to Da Lat high up in the highlands of Vietnam.



  1. […] The trees turned to hills, the hills turned to dirt, and the dirt turned to pristine mounds of flowing  red sand for as far as the eye could see. This was the view of the back of our rented scooter as we cruised the roadways of Mui Ne, Vietnam. Arriving at a place that I can only describe as the planet Mars on a sunny day, we were greeted by several  4 inch smiles on 4 foot bodies. A group of young entrepreneurs pitched their sled rental business to us and after a few minutes of laughter and bargaining, we were sold. They guided to the fastest slop and were kind enough to offer (at no additional charge),  photography service of our out of this world experience. You can read the full story here. […]


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