Mandatory Relaxation

Yesterday was the kind of a day that started out with a minor stump and turned into a day where we just relaxed…to catch up with our minds and emotions.
We were waiting for our Tuk Tuk driver to head to the temples and he ended up being an hour late. We decided that with all the eager drivers out there, we needn’t spend our money with him. So we drove into town, checked into our new place, The Old Market Hostel, and I took a much needed nap. Adam took a tuk tuk to the Royal Angkor Hospital to get his ear ache checked out. It turned out he had an ear infection and they gave him some meds. You should check out the youtube channel. There are amazing videos from the hospital. It was quite a beautiful, empty, structure that none of the locals can afford to attend.
When Adam got back, we went out into the town, found a woman to sew our patches onto our bags (we picked up flags from the countries we have visited and want them on our bags) had some lunch (Mexican!) and then had our feet ate by fish. Dr. Fish seems to be a new fad in America and in Korea, here it is on every corner. We both had to get used to it, bit for $3 you get 20 minutes and a free beer. I decided it was something I had to do more often…loved it! Then, I got a mani pedi $10 and Adam got an hour long massage $6.
The day was perfect. We rested up and got ourselves ready for the adventures that awaited us at the Temples of Angkor.

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