The Red Inn ……. Penang, Malaysia

As Nicole explained earlier, our stay in Penang was fantastic. This was due in part to the excellent stay we had at The Red Inn. We don’t usually do a blog solely on a hotel we’ve stayed but this experience was unique.

The Red Inn is a clean and very well layed out guesthouse that allows visitors a relaxed environment while offering them small luxuries that make you feel very at home. Included breakfast in the morning, along with a common area that allows you to watch a library of new titles dvd’s and a clean showering area all bring home the way the management has kept the customers experience in mind.

The old colonial style house is very authentic and while it has been updated to be more suitable for guests, it still flows in line with the historic vibe that runs throughout the UNESCO town.

The rooms are comfortable and the rates very competitive with any other available in the area.

Above all though is the staff whos focus on the guest is paramount and leaves everyone that stays feeling quite welcome . Fabian and Kay Kay work very hard to make sure everything is taken care of for you at the house everyday. Shirley who made our trip spectacular will go out of her way and take her own time out in the blink of an eye to make sure that you have the best experience possible in Penang.

The owners of the Red Inn will be opening a new location near the Red Garden food court called the Chocolate Boutique where you will find Shirley and i have no doubt that it will become another fantastic spot to chill in Panang.

Thanks again to the staff at the Red Inn, we had a blast. 😉


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