thanks for the memories Asia…..

Sitting over what might be our last Asian style cuisine in an Asian country for quite some time, Nicole and I have begun to feel in a way I probably could not put into words, the enormity our experience here has had on us. From our first steps into Incheon airport almost a year and a half days ago, to our final moments in Singapore, we’ve learned to appreciate, embrace, struggle, be patient with and be profoundly inspired by the differences we’ve found in the eastern world.
Sometimes we’ve been glared at, many times smiled with but always accepted and for that we will always remember our time here in a fond light. The life you live as a foreigner in a foreign land is never the same twice and although some things may seem routine, they really never are. Each and every day we woke up knowing that the days, minutes and seconds before us held within them lessons and realities that we could never previously comprehend or begin to guess at.
It’s funny how quickly the time seems to have gone when you approach the end but when we look back at all the amazing times we’ve shared with the people and places here, we can only smile and be genuinely grateful that somehow the blueprint for our life included this moment here and now.
Asian people work hard and they are focused. They also manage to keep with them a deep routed sense of culture and pride for where they come from.  They also embrace the opportunity to share with those who care to learn more as it serves to change the unknown into appreciation and respect. Outside influences have certainly begun to mold out pockets in eastern societies but the Asian people hold onto their heritage in a way that has always been a very powerful statement of the people they are and will continue to be. Writing this blog serves to remind us of the many experiences we’ve had and it has certainly been a pleasure to share with all who read and enjoy with us. I hope that from time to time we have helped you to gain a better understanding through our experiences of what Asian culture is all about.
 What a chapter, what a ride…..
Here’s our trip by the numbers if you like that sorta thing.
493 days
318 blogs
15000 pictures
10 countries
50 cities
17 flights
1 wedding
A kaaagilion memories…..
Thanks for reading as always…..oh and we ain’t stoppin, Europe’s next baby!!

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