Well Europe, we are here. You look different, sound different, taste different, smell different than anywhere we have been before. Your temperature is perfect, we actually had to go out immediately and pick up some new clothes to adapt to your fall. Your languages, we can’t understand, pronounce or really read since there are so many letters in each word. Your food is not spicy, but full of flavors and ingredients that are new to us. For breakfast we were given a fruit, cheese and bread spread…it was such a welcoming change. Adam and I are in love with your cars, in one traffic light line up, it is nothing but Audi, Mini, BMW, Mercedes, VW, smart cars and Alfa Romeo’s.

Here we are able to walk on the sidewalks without having to weave in and out of people and restaurants which is so refreshing. There are tons of well manicured parks to walk through, little streets with old buildings and huge skyscrapers that have such clean lines it is like an architectural digest magazine article. Everyone on their bicycles and walking around town seems to be important with a place to get to as they strut their stuff in such a fashionable way.

I think because we have spent so much time in Asia, you are even more of a welcoming shock than if we would have come from America.
Our hotel, the Hotel Topas, has the softest beds we have slept on in over a year, the shower is hot enough for the two of us to both shower and not run out, there is a huge CLEAN bathtub and the best news, we can unpack and not trip over our bags!
Europe we have 53 more days here and at least 9 more countries to travel through, we are so excited as to what you are going to reveal to us!

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