Red Ride, driving an RV….

We’ve now been in the RV 5 nights and 5 days… Slept in camp sights, rest stops and now a port. We’ve cooked 12 meals, 7 pots of coffee and emptied the you know what once. We’ve also clocked 1000 km already.

She is definitely tough to drive in the cities, must be a country girl. But, her great style, design and colors have grabbed quite a few looks.

It is nice to be able to have snacks whenever we want and have peanut butter with us at all times. The bed is fairly comfortable and the sick and stove have great glass coverings which quadruples our counter space.
Our picnic table we have tried to use, even in the chilly air. The shower however, uses almost all our stored water in one shot, so we’ve been doing out best with baby wipes and taking advantage of the camp site facilities (I may end up with dreadlocks by the end of this trip)
I can tell we are already saving money by making the trip this way, and seeing so much more. Our groceries last so much longer than a meal out. Although finding places in the city is next to impossible and better off unattemptable.
We also found out something that I guess we should have known that has changed our plans a bit. We thought we were able to drive through the tunnel connecting France to the UK. Who knew it was only for trains. So, we also didn’t know the ticket prices to head over. If the two of us left the RV behind and went into London for two days, our train tickets alone were 313 euros. To take the RV with us via ferry was 281 euros. So, my dear friends, we have decided to drive a little further around the mainland, see more of Spain and Italy…see a bit of Poland and next time, make a trip where we fly directly into London.
I’m sure you can understand our disappointed, the whole idea of London, not just the James Bond part, was pretty exciting, but we will just have to save it for another time.
Anyway, we are off to the NW coast of France, a town called Dippe…
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