Hola Barcelona!

What a change the border of a country brings. As we neared the southern border of France, the buildings took on more of a Spanish flair and the countryside became more arrid. The sprawling fields turned into barren grounds of browns and clays. and then…we were in Spain. We headed down the eastern coast in search of a camp ground in Calella. We found not only a beautiful camp ground on a hillside called the Bonita Buena Vista, but also a street of call girls right out in the open. We unpacked our awning and table and chairs, did some laundry…and then went on search of the train to take us into the city.
We boarded the train in a city called Sant Pol de Mar and it was a beauty, right on the Mediterranean with blue hues, narrow streets and white buildings.

Barcelona was similar to a lot of the cities we have seen…most taken advantage of by the tourism business, but Spain offered us red Sangria and Paella along with the great Spanish Language, a naked man in the central circle and a statue of Christopher Columbus.

We found ourselves watching the human statues and artists in the center of Rambla perfecting their arts with a ton of onlookers as well as checking out the many cafes lined with people drinking from huge goblets and picking of plates of Tapas.

Gaudi decorated the city at random with some really interesting architecture and the markets had a little more eyeballs in their meats then we like to see. But, the Gelato was aplenty, the people watching was fantastic and we even stocked up on some new shades to carry on with the sunny Mediterranean weather.

Our nice host at the camp ground welcomed us each morning with a fresh loaf of bread and some cute pooches to pet.
Overall, I wish we had a month in itself to drive along Spain and discover more of what the sea side towns have to offer, this was definitely my favorite part of the country..the simplistic serene seaside life, with a pleasing language and delicious food choices.



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