standing on the shoulders of giants in Monaco…

To this point, the trip has been absolutely phenomenal. We have seen some spectacular places and some really inspiring cities along the way. I must admit though, there is something missing for me from time to time as we approach each new marked spot on our travel map. I mean, yes, Barcelona, Paris, and Amsterdam are excellent cities with a vibe and energy that is very unique and memorable but yet, I am still not entirely enthrawled. You see, there is somethong about a city that is defined by the world as a racing mecca, a prestigious exclamation point on ones lifes work in motorsport,….and that place….naturally… is Monaco, Monte Carlo.

Yes, there is a stigma to Monte Carlo. Its the place where the world’s rich escape taxes and live in a air cushioned, champagne doused bubble that few are privelaged enough to enjoy. This is definitely the truth and after walking the entiretly of the Monaco GP track this past sunday i was made privy to the concept that there are places in the world where a Ferrari 559 can be as common as a Camry or better yer, a Porsche 911 as ordinary a Honda Civic.

However, for all its Glitz and glamour, Monacao and Monte Carlo were quiet (albeit exquisite) streets where people lived, worked and welcomed those who came to gawk at there expensive cars, homes and the fact that they took one of the world most famous GP hairpins to work everyday. This was an absolute delight for us. The boats are huge, the engines were unreasonably loud and the scenery would certainly be an acceptable final memory in my book. Neither of us felt unwanted (like we did in Cannes) or out of place.

Its true that the uber-rich live on another plane of existance but I think its kinda nice to know that its a place we can all still visit on this planet. Its zero to sixty in “who knows wtf”, it’s Twin V8 VULCANO 1000BHP boat engines, Italian leather and Marble pillars as high as you can see……but baby, its Monte Carlo and it’s unreal.

Thanks for reading,
adam ๐Ÿ˜‰


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