The BMW Welt….Munich!

Some people associate Germans with brats and beer. This is very much true but as you drive through the streets of German towns, their autobahns and peer into the driveways you will notice another focal point to the German. They love automotive engineering and so they buy Audi, Mercs, Porsches and of course…the BMW.

Naturally, the BMW Welt in Munich was on my list right away when thinking of places to stopover in Germany. I guess it doesn’t take much for me…I just knew it was a massive car complex dedicated to everything BMW which is all I needed to know. What I found however was that the site was divided into 2 sections. The Welt…..a showcase of BMW’s pursuit of engineering perfection and the company’s vision for the future. As we strolled through the sections on LH2 fuels and efficiency dynamics we began to grasp how the dedication to precision technology and motoring had propelled BMW to the ranks of the worlsd elite automakers over the past 80 years.

The museum attached was really special and for those of us who aren’t mega gearheads, a bit easier to absorb. The museum ran through a chronological and series orientated display of its vehicles from past to present. We had a chance to view not only the classic cars, but some of the super cool motorcycles that truely started it all for BMW. They also had some of the 007 Z cars which of course is appreciated.

The visit finished with the “Art-Car” exhibit which featured among others, BMW’s styled in the vision of Andy Warhol and Frank Stella. A very cool feature of the museum but, by far, my favorite piece was Jeff Koon’s 2010 GT2 M3.

After the museum trip we trekked around the city for just a bit to get a feel for what Munich was all about. The streets of the city like most we’d experienced in Germany were lined with shops and people out and about taking in the sights. Most gathered near or around the historic Marienplatz town hall square to listen to the glokenspiel chime. And so….a few good German beers later, we were off….to Austria!

thanks for readin!


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