A Day with Silas

As mentioned, Silas is another friend we met in Vietnam. He is very
good friends with Daniel. He came back to Waldi for the night since we
were in town, from where he goes to school. We met him early, well
9:30 am and took a walk around the village he and Daniel live in. We
are apples, pears, grapes, raspberries and black berries directly from
the trees/bushes. We saw the local pigs, rabbits, ducks, goats, horses
and dogs.

Then he brought us to his fathers woodshop where he makes handmade
banister poles for stairs, pepper grinders and even homemade urns, yes
urns made from beautiful wood.

We then drove to his mothers home in the neighboring town that was
built in 1873 and looked like an ancient doll house in the middle of
the town. Inside, it was modernly remodeled keeping some older touches
like the details on the walls and ceiling. The house was decorated in
lime greens, oranges and sea blues. It was very warming and she had a
great little dog named Yoyo that I wouldn’t allow out of playing.
Silas drove us in his Mom’s 1983 bright green Citroen Duck up through
the forest and winding through the wine vineyards. We saw what I swear
was Rapunzel’s tower. I hope that one day Daniel, Silas, Adam and I
will all spend time together again over fondue, wine and laughs. Thank
you Silas for sharing Switzerland with us.


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