Bern baby Bern

Bern has to have been one of my absolute favorite cities so
far. It was nestled in the valleys of Switzerland. It was clean, well
manicured, had a fabulous daily market and a good transportation
system. Bern is the national capital of the Swiss Federation and is
known as the town of bears.

The whole city is a world heritage site and is a very big contrast
with clean lined white sandstone buildings, ancient looking
traditional Swiss buildings and bright red flower boxes hanging off of
the windows.

Within the city is a university which is hidden within the other
buildings, but the lively students can be seen all around on their
bikes and sitting in the little cafes.

We found parking immediately which of course made me so happy and
already had given Bern and positive in my book. But, as we walked
through the city, it hopped to the number one that we have visited
where I wouldn’t mind job searching in a few months.

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