Salzburg, not Salsburg or Salzberg is in Austria, not the United Kingdom and if you plug it into your GPS you may be in for a surprise should you drive to the wrong one.
For those of you who are fans of The Sound of Music, yes some of it was filmed here in downtown Salzburg, we even visited the abbey where Maria was first found. Salzburg was a quaint town, quite large, clean and full of open squares. I had no idea that Mozart too was from Salzburg. The old city was fairly easy to navigate through, and find parking. The weather was a little grey, but almost fitting for the town.

We arrived on a Sunday, which has become one of our favorites to visit cities on. The tourism is light and most of the locals are hiding away somewhere. The shops are mostly shut and the town is really just yours to walk around and see the roots of it. Salzburg had huge churches, bells and many large statues in the center of all of the squares. You were able to take a ride on a horse drawn carriage or catch some children in leiderhosen. (I think that is what its called) You can even find huge pretzels for sale along with chocolate with Mozarts picture on it.
There were many museums, we did not go in any, just looked in from the outside. One of our favorite things to do has been to stroll the streets and just stare at the architecture in each city. Each one really does have its own feel to it.
This part of Austria seems to be a pleasant place to be. There were no weird feelings or non smiles. Everyone was helpful, which we have not found everywhere. Just outside the old city is a great countryside to drive through. The grass is super green and the colorful old homes really make the area stand out.

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