Firenze!!! Its tough to not get excited to visit these places just sayin the names. Each one seems as legendary as the next especially for first time eurotripper like us.

Florence, a city that goes hand and hand with Renaissance mastery is full of places to appreciate the arts and architecture.

The cupola high above the impressive duomo was our first stop. The massive structure took a trip in itself to get around. Once we were around we caught a glimpse of the Campanile tower which for the ambitious (we were not) offers a 414 step climb to the top to offer views of the entire city.

Nearby we fought through a crowd of Asian tourists to view the bronze doors of the Bapistery which happened to be at the entry to the oldest building in all of Florence.

After seeing the heavy hitters we took the rest of our visit to the streets in usual fashion. We strolled along the River Arno and just enjoyed being in the moment. Italian cities really are like no other in Europe in my opinion. The sense that you are walking through a country full of historic greatness in so many ways seems to be permanently in the forefront of your mind with each new stop.

we also chose the expensive cone…gelato for 15 euros anyone?

go drink some vino, we’ll be back,


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