Pisa made for a quick stopover. We spent some time lost, trying to find the famous leaning tower. While we were lost we stumbled upon some of Italy’s finest women standing on the side of the road looking for a lttle fun. (The Spanish women looked like more fun). We parked at the entrance to town, walked a few 100 meters and boom, a huge courtyard which made us realize we were in the right place. Through a few arched doorway stood the Duomo and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I think this is one of those buildings that they should leave out of tour books, movies and schooling because it all really steals this amazing buildings thunder. Coming to the tower, you know that yes, the tower is leaning and everyone and their mother must get a picture of themselves holding it up.
The building, if learned about in school may not at first appear to be that impressive, honestly because you are expecting more. BUT, Ladies and Gents, I thought that the leaning piece of architecture was absolutely stunning. Both it and the church it stands next to is made from a very white marble that is a great contrast with a beautiful blue skied afternoon.

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