Yes, Italy in its own right has been spectacular. But, if you can throw an authentic Bond location into the mix, it pretty much becomes stellar. Such was the case with our next stop in Italia….Sienna.

For those who’ve had the pleasure of seeing the newest Bond installment, Quantum of Solace, you will know that a fair portion of the movies opening scenes take place throughout the picturesque city of Sienna.

Unfortunately, running across rooftops seemed like an unlikely way for us to catch a “Bond’s-eye” view of the city streets so we opted for the more acceptable stroll through the narrow and gorgeous old passages.

Sienna’s claim to fame is its barback horeraces that take place in the historic square, the Piazza del Campo. The race happens twice a year.

Sienna was as perfect a place as any other we’ve seen in Italy to just cruise up and down each strip taking in all the building facades, shop windows and unreal smells emanating from the cafes and restaurants.

We ended our tour with a stop at the Duomo which had a unique combo of green, pink and white colors that we had yet to see in other Italian cities famed cathedrals.

Our walk back to the rig required the help of about 10 locals as it becomes quite easy to get turned around in a city like Sienna. But after about a 5k walk, we made our way and set off for the mac daddy….Rome.

Thats for readin yall,

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