Slovenia, a Teapot & a Change

We drove into Slovenia, twice, we missed the correct exit after purchasing our traffic vignette and headed for the capital of Ljubljana.  After missing our exit again (we didn’t have GPS for this country so we were on Adam’s navigation), we found a McDonald’s parking lot to power up the computer…except they didn’t have wifi. So we climbed back into the RV to rest.
I was tired and Adam and I began talking and the idea of being exhausted from travel (yes it does happen when you are not relaxing by a beach for 5 days, a 4 month adventure is much different). We talked about not really caring if we walked around Ljubljana and how we had a good 18 days left, where would we go, what would we do.  Then, we still had Ireland and due to our quicker expenditure of our travel funds we were not going to be able to experience Ireland in a way we had hoped. Our zest for adventure just wasn’t the same as before.
So, we made the decision to look into coming home early. We luckly found a little café where the waitress allowed us to plug in, grab coffee and a sandwich and sit online for 5 hours. Here, we went back and forth with our travel agent trying to figure out how to affordably change our tickets and not cause us to have to pay huge fees and new ticket fees seeing as though we wanted to leave soon.
We contacted the RV company and in the end…success!
I have to tell you, calling my mom and telling her…cut your countdown by 12 days, im coming home soon…was the best.
Our waitress shared in our excitement (she worked on a cruise ship based out of Miami and was so nice). She gave us a tea pot for us to remember Slovenia by and we chatted it up.
Adam and I had a great night sleep knowing we only had 6 more days.

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