The RV Lifestyle

Ah yes, life on the road. The initial draw for us was monitary as an RV rental would allow us to save a few precious benjies but over the past few weeks it’s become a real insight into the life of an rv traveller.

I think Nicole would agree that far and away the best aspect of this leg has been the freedom. With a home on wheels you can stop and go as you wish. This was especially awesome when picking lunch spots in the French alps which most any hotel would have a hard time competing.


Then there was our “trucker” routine. While the world can be your parking spot if you choose, this can be quite illegal and straight up risky. Stayin overnight along the motorways between the semi’s was convenient and offered us some peace of mind. Although, on occasion I am sure we pissed a trucker or two off by snaggin a 50 foot spot with our 15 foot rig. We did our best however to blend and not get in the way.

Sadly, It’s not all peaches and cream. More like feces and urine. Not to be entirely grotesque but it is a fact if life in an rv bathroom that your “stuff” will not magically disappear into an infinite toilet hole. This requires a dumping station (At least to do it legally) and some water which I volunteered my expertise on this trip.

The water is limited so as you might imagine so might be the frequency of showering at times. Not so noticeable if you both stink though.

Propane keeps us warm but also drains battery which kills it when used in combo with lights after about 2 hours so you must make a choice. Heat or light? It’s very primal.

Food. By far my number one need is pretty easily prepped in the rv while doing dished tends to drain the water supply so disposable plates are an option (albeit not a green one unless it’s the recycled stuff). Canned stuff, cereals, veggies, pastas and meats were all staples for us. Potatoes were by far the most versatile and economical throughout Europe.

Last but not least there’s the entertainment. Without a tv we’ve been left to our own devices between destinations to pass the time. European radio at times is awful at best (but that might be because we can’t understand it) so havin the iPod handy is a plus. Books, games and travel book readings also fill the gaps. More importantly I think you need someone you’re not going to want to strangle as a travel partner. Now, this is probably not the case in Nicoles mind, but I am lucky enough to have her as mine and that’s made all the difference.

I think traveling by RV has given us a chance to experience some of lesser seen places and the true depictions of life throughout the countries we’ve visited. It’s been crazy, strange, scary and new but overall it’s been great fun and I’d do it again anytime, anyplace.

Happy trails and thanks for readin,

Here’s some numbers for you:
Every morning when we woke up, we wrote down the milage and the city we slept in. The milage is in Kilometers:

9.25 Dusseldorf, Germany 29,983
9.26 Arnheim, Netherlands 30,124
9.27 no driving
9.28 Amsterdam, Netherlands 30,395
9.29 Brussels, Belgium 30,596
9.30 Dieppe, France 30,960
10.1 Mt. Saint Michel, France 31,274
10.2 no driving
10.3 Paris, France 31,686
10.4 Orleans, France 31,839
10.5 Confolens, France 32,200
10.6 Les Corbiers, France 32,742
10.7 no driving
10.8 Calella, Spain 32,991
10.9 Cannes, France 33,519
10.10 Isola, France 33,698
10.11 Tigny, France 33,940
10.12 Morges, Switzerland 34,144
10.13 Riken, Switzerland 34,306
10.14 no driving
10.15 Waldi, Switzerland 34,573
10.16 Wiedergettinger, Germany 34,799
10.17 Pidingerau, Germany 35,033
10.18 Arnoldstein, Austria 35,251
10.19 Venice, Italy 35,491
10.20 Bolognia, Italy 35,622
10.21 Florence, Italy 35,957
10.22 Siena, Italy 36,039
10.23 Fabro, Italy 36,137
10.24 Rome, Italy 36,278
10.25 Ponte Corvo, Italy 36,408
10.26 Monte Silvaro, Italy 36,818
10.27 Bolognia, Italy 37,185
10.28 Ljubljana, Slovenia 37,613
10.29 Vienna, Austria 38,039
10.30 Poland/ Czech Border 38,339
10.31 Krakow, Poland 38,339
11.1 Prague, Czech Republic 38,992
11.2 Nurnburg, Germany 39,425
11.3 Drop off: Dusseldorf, Germany 39,828

Total Kilometers: 9,845
Total miles: BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop6,117

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