Unfortunately, our experience in Prague was less than stellar due to the absolutely dangerous and quite literally non-existant parking situation for us and our lil red bus. We entered the city at around 10:30am in search of a good spot to lock it up and stroll but as we neared midday, the dream it seemed was not to become our reality.

In fact, the situation became so dire (i’m spicin this up), that we ended up (and when I say we, i really mean that Nicole had to somehow navigate through) on roads that would be considered sidewalks in most places. As you can probably imagine, the tight streets of Prague, coupled with the Stallanistic approach to law enforcement and complete lack of appropriate parking made our take on the city less than grande. We snapped a few shots of what at times seems like a nice city, but after a quick turn left or right is quite dirty and discombobulated.

The look over the Charles Bridge was sweet but in the end, knowing that Chick Norris is watching over the telecommunications networks throughout the city gave me a feeling that maybe another trip one day would bring us closer to the cities greatness…or not.

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