In the USA

We have been back now one full week and it has been an interesting adjustment. I am exhausted. I haven’t been able to adjust to the time. I feel like I am going 100 miles an hour…for no real reason. I have jumped directly in full force to the “to do’s” here.
We now have cell phones, a gym membership, car insurance…all within a few days.
I had my hair done and joined a yoga studio, went to the jeweler and began getting the wedding in order.
In addition, we have spent countless hours with our families and friends dining, chatting and catching up on life.
I never realized how nice it would be to come home.
I think the hardest part of being back is not forgetting where you’ve been and adjusting to a life that includes more than just the two of us.
Everyone is asking what will we do next, what are our plans…its seems almost impossible for everyone to take a step back and just live in today. We have no idea what is next and for the moment it feels great. We are filtering, seeing and experiencing life here and slowly beginning to intertwine it in with our life for the last 17 months.
Yesterday I took a step back..this is what I have noticed.
I will tell you this, so many people…in my opinion, need to take a step back and find themselves again. I am not sure if it is the economy, the “things” we have here or just the overwhelming desire to have everything bigger, better and the best here, but I feel as if people have elevated themselves above their own bodies and are only looking down at what once was a very fulfilling life.Now, people around us, strangers, old friends, everyone, can’t seem to even find time to make themselves happy or relax because they are too busy trying to make money.
I am doing my best to stay lost in this great mindset that I have developed over the year and not be too affected by the changes I see to the society around me.
Through observation, my one piece of advice, step back, look around, open your heart, close your computers and use the very basics you learned when you were two.
Use your words and give your loved ones hugs, as for the rest, it will work itself out.


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